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Cellular Memory Integration Testimonial 1

This is an example how one client recorded her regression experience:

1943 Warsaw, Poland, Europe

I was a 20 year old female in the country outside Warsaw.

To begin with the opening scene looked like countryside, some trees, no roads, mostly meadows. I saw a woman dressed in a long, calf length dark dress with a white apron and a square bib front. I felt I was wearing sock length dark woven stockings. I couldn’t get an impression of shoes. I was relaxing in the countryside.

I saw an image of a man in uniform, a brown uniform, with a hat that pointed at the front and back but was folded flat. The hat had a metal piece to the side of the front, which I thought looked like a bird.

I saw myself standing in a dormitory where children of all ages were getting dressed in the morning. My job was to supervise them. I was a “maid / aide”.  I also helped after meals to clean up while the children were in their classes. I was only a friend and helper - not a teacher.

The children were called to assembly to be given news of the war. I didn’t agree that they should be troubled by the details of the war, worrying them about their parents in the thick of the war. The children were frightened by the news. I questioned the wisdom of my seniors in advising the children of such bad news. I spent much time with the children consoling them.

Planes came over and discharged their load onto what I could then see was a church. The teachers, staff and children were killed or wounded. I found myself in spirit “collecting” the “lost” children as they wandered aimlessly in fear. My job in spirit, was to reach the children and settle them down so they could be received and pass over into the heavenly beyond with love.

When the wandering children were settled I then went back inside the bombed buildings to find others who were lost. Some had not finished leaving their bodies. My job was to see if they needed to let go or return to the body. The people assisting with first aid often helped me to make that decision to encourage them one way or the other.

N.C.  27/7/96

N.C. wanted to understand why she had an invalid child in her present life. This regression showed her that she had the perfect skills and patience to care for her child. In the cellular memory she gave the right amount of care to the children while encouraging them to be more independent.

N.C. also made the comment that it appeared that her main function in the Warsaw lifetime was to die and help the confused souls to heaven.


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Cellular Memory Integration Testimonial 2

I had my fist past-life experience when I was doing a goal balance with Patricia Leahy-Shrewsbury.

I don’t remember what the goal balance was, but I do remember what happened very clearly.

I have heard of past lives but didn’t believe in such a happening, at least for me anyway. I can remember Patti testing me for cellular memory experience and thinking: “This can’t be happening to me” when I tested positive.

Next minute-Zap! And I was off and running very clearly in my immediate previous life.

I could see a gypsy caravan and someone holding up a new born baby which everyone was very exited about. The scene was dark, whether dawn or dusk or simply unclear, I am not sure.

I remember feeling an immense grief that a being that had been greeted with such joy was going to betray the trust given at birth and would also live such a foreshortened life.

The next thing I can remember was a feeling of chocking and fighting for breath. I actually sat up on the massage table and was coughing and trying to get air into my lungs. I realised that I had died in a concentration camp in Nazi Germany.

I was aware that I had collaborated with the Nazi’s and betrayed many of my tribe including my best friend. I slept with many of the German army and among the SS but it didn’t do me any good because eventually I too was incarcerated in a concentration camp.

I was multiply raped and died by having my head pushed down in one of the outside sinks in the camp while being raped at the same time. I can remember the peace of letting go and reaching a quiet place.

This was as you can imagine a bit of a shock for me, yet it fitted in very much with developments in my present life.

I have always had a terrible fear of having my head under water to the extent that even in the shower I couldn’t bear water running in my face. If it did accidentally, I would panic and feel as if I couldn’t breathe and was drowning.

At school in England, I took German language lessons like a duck to water. German was easy for me; I couldn’t understand why people made mistakes. I was always first in exams without really trying.  It became a bit more difficult at University but by the time I returned to Germany where I went to live as part of my course, I was fluent in German and probably the most fluent in my year.

When I went to live in Germany, I worked in Stuttgart in the south, pretty near one of the concentration camps.  It was a first time I had bronchitis and lung problems, something I had never encountered previously.  I am aware now that when I am in an area which is of some significance to me of past lives I get bronchitis, although I am more able to let this aspect go.

At the time of the goal balance with Patti, I used to wear long earrings and long skirts, very gypsy like and seldom wore conventional clothing unless I was at work. When I came to Australia, I was more homesick for Germany while I quit England without a second thought and never been homesick. 

Interestingly, prior to the goal balance and cellular memory experience, I used to have a really big callous on the balls of both feet which had been very uncomfortable and at times quite painful. Within a few days of the regression both calluses dropped off and have never reappeared I am pleased to say.

(The balls of the feet represent the lungs in Reflexology and calluses are a means of protecting that area.)

In addition this particular goal balance with Patti was part of a preparation to take up my life’s work, although I wasn’t aware of it at the time. At a later time I had another cellular memory experience which arose after a particularly painful time of my life. I had become aware that the being that had just died, had been in my life to teach me unconditional love, a message that came through loud and clear and was confirmed by someone quite unconnected with my loss. Again like the first cellular memory experience with Patti, it was something that came as a bit of a shock to me but which was very clear through the grief I was suffering. 

In a later regression, I realized that the sacrifice of life through this being was aimed at making me aware that I needed to make some big changes in my life. What I had been experiencing up until then was preparing me for what I was to do in my work in the future. At the same time, I became aware that the spirit involved was linked with my best friend in the Nazi camp and that her sacrifice of life in my present life was intended not only to arouse unconditional love in myself but also to show me the power of selfless love and forgiveness.

It was a rather wonderful experience which had enabled me to let go of the shame I felt from my previous life. This enabled me to go forward to a new life and way of thinking which has changed me completely. I now understand why I have chosen particular experiences in this lifetime and the direction I need to take in assisting other people with similar problems.


Maureen’s goal for that session was to give herself permission to take time out for herself free from guilt.


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Cellular Memory Integration Testimonial 3

Dear Patti,

The last time I visited you, I mentioned that I would be happy to write of the fascinating outcomes I have experienced from the past life session you conducted for me.

Over the years I have enjoyed and benefited from the Metamorphosis, Flower Essences, Edu-K and other healing work you have taught me or led me through. However the last couple of times, when I found myself thinking of consulting you, I was not conscious of a particular problem that I needed to work through, but trusted my instinct when I made the appointment as something was telling me that I needed your help again.

For the benefit of the reader, my husband had long held a dream of a holiday sailing the Whitsunday Islands - the two of us on a yacht. The only problem was my fear of water. I used to get the feeling that the water would some how rise up and hold me under; even in the swimming pool I liked my feet to be able to touch the ground. Up until that time I had always managed to get away with restricting my water hobbies to an occasional swim in the pool or in the ocean, but I couldn-t begin to entertain the thought of a sailing holiday - it terrified me. In fact I thought that my fear of water was almost normal because I had grown up in England. But you didn-t know anything of this when I came to see you - and I certainly didn-t mention it!

As we started working with my body we worked through everyday stresses that are a part of my life, but something else seemed just out of touch. To pinpoint the issue that needed facing, no one was more surprised than me when muscle testing indicated that the issue resulted from a pre-birth incident. We traced it down to Germany in August 1943.

I saw vividly my feet, shoes and socks as I walked rapidly down the street - experiencing a terrible feeling of panic. I was a small boy holding onto the side of a pram with my nurse or nanny. Then, almost in slow motion, I was torn away from my family by a soldier. I can see his coat and black boots. Everything is in uproar; I was being dragged across a grassed wasteland to the river, thrown in, held under the water and drowned. Hovering above, I watched my body floating down the river. I can feel the release as my Essence floats free.

This session was such a surprise! You led me, almost as an observer, through the entire incident. It was not overwhelmingly traumatic, but still I knew that it was my life and death. Suddenly I recognized what this was all about and I knew that my fears of being sucked under water were retreating. What a surprise. What a feeling of relief and a blessing it has been.

Now I love swimming. I delight in swimming under water, like a small child who has just discovered the delights and freedom that weightlessness in water brings. My husband and I sailed the Whitsundays; I swam in deep blue ocean and snorkeled through coral. Although I have to admit that my technique and fitness still leaves a lot to be desired!

Of course I am not advocating that everyone should automatically assume they need past life regression work to deal with anything and everything in their lives. But I know that when the time is right, your body can lead you, with the proper guidance, to resolve issues that I never dreamed possible.

I have regressed with you a couple of times since them. The issues have not had such an overwhelming influence in my present life as the fear of drowning, but each has had its own reason for needing attention. If it appears to be needed again, I wouldn't hesitate to work through whatever issue presents itself for resolution.

Patricia your presence and assistance in my life - whether it be a consultation almost once a month as it was quite a few years ago, or once every 15 months or so as it is now, is very important to me. Even as you travel and spread your work and guidance all over the world, please make sure you come back to Western Australia!

Love and thanks,
Suzanne Johnson


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Brain Gym® Testimonial 1

A Mother's story

My family silently decided for themselves and agreed that Adam's bad behaviour was due to disciplinary problems... if this was so, why were the other two children so opposite? Adam's opinion of himself was that he was "dumb and stupid" and many times by age nine, he had threatened to kill himself, in absolute despair and total frustration.

There didn't seem to be any area where Adam excelled or was even average. However he has always been better at physical pastimes such as bike riding and kicking the footy.

I sought the advice and help of Adam's class teacher and the school's Deputy Principal. The school's guidance officer assessed Adam and he was diagnosed as having Auditory Processing Difficulties. There are things that can be done to help children with APD such as classroom positioning. This was like a drop in the ocean.

I knew Adam had to have help from somewhere else as he was still showing signs of not coping scholastically. He had just completed year four and the work was beyond him. Other areas had telltale signs also, such as his peers razzing (teasing) him for being dumb and excluding him. Also Adam's behaviour at home was atrocious and steadily becoming worse. There seemed to be no area in his life where Adam was happy. It saddened us greatly.

During the Christmas holidays Patti did Edu-K with Adam. While the goal setting was taking place his resistance was visually obvious. Although he agreed to participate in the balance process he was uncooperative, he verbally complained and was tired. Patti was wonderfully understanding, encouraging and persistent with Adam. At the conclusion of the session, Patti pointed out the importance of doing the Brain Gym movements daily to support further integration.

For the first week or two it was difficult to get Adam to do these daily exercises but perseverance has paid off. Adam's schoolwork has been improving all through first term this year and his attitude towards school has changed dramatically. He now concentrates better; he is not as easily distracted and is actually ENJOYING his work at school. Amazingly his writing is now legible!

During the swimming season Adam's swimming improved beyond belief. Early in the season Adam had struggled and many times became disheartened that he didn't achieve as well as others. Once the Brain Gym was being used his times improved and he collected three medals for his backstroke, beat the Zone Champion for his age group and represented the school in the inter-school swimming carnival.

We as parents are grateful that we discovered Edu-K. Adam is delighted and his highlight is receiving the Club Champion Trophy for wiping 56 seconds off his early season time lap!

- Debbie Koprowski, Wagin, Western Australia


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Brain Gym® Testimonial 2

Thank You

I do not know how to put into words the thanks I owe to Patti Leahy-Shrewsbury, a very special person who has helped me turn my life from one of loneliness, fear, hurt and total despair to one of fulfilment, love and total balance.

My name is Jacqui Devlin and my story is not unlike that of many women today. I am a single parent raising two teenage daughters and trying to balance a career and a home at the same time. In the years since my divorce I have read, attended courses, tried new and different things, all with the goal; to gain my own identity, be free of influence from my ex-husband and to learn to be independent and make my own decisions. Each of the different courses that I have attended have helped me to grow as a person, but I would always fall back into old patterns and habits, always feeling as though I was on an emotional merry-go-round and wondering if it was ever going to stop.

I arrived at Patti's Kinesiology Centre feeling that life was not worth living and tired of the responsibilities of being a single parent. Both my body and spirit were totally shattered and I felt like a jigsaw pizzle that none could put back together again.

The Educational Kinesiology session with Patti has changed my life. Gone are the loneliness, fear, hurt and despair. It has been replaced with an inner strength, higher energy and harmony I have not experienced before. My relationship with my daughters has changed, I make decisions for myself, life is not just "coping" but "living" and I feel complete. Little things make me laugh and I enjoy life without even trying.

Never before have I met such a gifted person as Patti; a person who so freely of herself and her energy to those who reach out to her for help.

Patti, from my children and myself, I THANK YOU!


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Brain Gym® Testimonial 3


Dear Patricia,

As mentioned at our last meeting with Kimberley, I have enclosed her end of term three assessments.  One is her assessment of how she is going; the other is from her teacher. By comparing her first two terms of year one with this third term, it is obvious how much Kimberley has improved.

I thought you might also like to know a recent amazing result for Kimberley. We had our school athletics carnival almost two weeks ago. Kimberley competed in the six-year-olds age group. People who have known her for several years were amazed to see her running in a straight line and catching bean bags and small balls with ease! An extremely excited Kimberley received a medal, was announced runner up champion 6 year old and has been selected as part of the Interschool Athletics Carnival this week!

I have had several parents ask me what Kimberley is doing to achieve such great results, and I have happily told them about the Brain Gym exercises she is doing.

I nearly forgot to mention the improvement in Michael's speech. As discussed we have been continuing with the Thinking Caps and Cross Crawl. Any Brain Gym that Kimberley does, Michael wants to copy too! After a couple of sessions of me helping Michael to do Cross Crawl on his back, he is now able to do this on his own. He thinks it is great! The improvement in his speech is obvious. His confidence has picked up and he is able to communicate effectively with his peers and teachers at school. He is even taking news to school now!

Once again, thanks for all your help with Kimberley and now with Michael.

Kind regards,
Catherine Lewis


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