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Human Crystals - Patti Leahy Shrewsbury

Lia Ramses - Ghost Radio

I just wanted to write and say what a wonderful gift 'Human Crystals' is, just fabulous. I enjoyed it so very much and really related to it's content having lost family to cancer, spending 10 years in Darwin and Arnhem land and having an adventurous spirit such as yourself. I just loved this book and have been highly recommending it to everyone.


Jan Cartwright
- Editor of Universal Mind Magazine

Congratulations Patti on your thrilling first book, “Human Crystals”. I definitely urge all readers to give yourself and friends a great treat, and really feel all the emotions as you venture with Patti through her incredible journeys. Her fascinating forthright account of her travels and amazing experiences in her sincere and honest manner, make this book totally captivating!
Book Review from Universal Mind Magazine, September 2008


Michael Wild - In Touch
The Magazine of the Australian Kinesiology Association

This book is about the extraordinary experiences of West Australian Kinesiologist Patricia Leahy-Shrewsbury, known to many in the kinesiology field for her Edu-K/Brain Gym and general kinesiology work.
With great courage and determination Patti follows her guidance and travels to varied places, from the Australian outback to the Himalayas, placing crystals in the earth for planetary evolvement and healing. Her story is truly an inspiration and reads like an adventure novel, but it is a totally true account of someone willing to listen to the unseen energies and messages that come our way.
This book is remarkable in that it shows us what can happen in our lives when we open up to realities beyond the physical. Each day is too easy to follow our day to day business in an attempt to survive and live. Human Crystals shows us that living in an expanded sense of reality, is more real than anything, and perhaps in the not too distant future will be the norm.
Human Crystals is an inspiring book, a great read and as a true story is full of wisdom and heart.


Here's what some readers have said about Patti's book...

Hi Patti,
Pretty much from the moment I received my book in the post I was hooked - my copy became my constant companion until I finished it. Although most of the book's content was new to me I somehow found myself able to relate to your journey. Your book was captivating and inspiring to say the least. Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for writing such a wonderful book.
Light and love
Karen Caddick

Dear Patti,
I just finished your book and had a huge cry - more like a bawl! Your monarch butterflies are very powerful and I wish I had a totem that would acknowledge my soul partner coming to me. Patti you have been blessed with 2 wonderful men and I don't think I have yet had a soul mate. God I am waiting and getting on with my life and very ready to bring a relationship to me. Come on totem, I say.
This is an amazing book and I liken it to books by Richard Bach and Shirley MacLaine. It's a ripping yarn with every emotion expressed.
Barb H.

Dear Patricia,
Thank you so much for writing your book "Human Crystals". I too have been doing this work for the past several years and relying on the information of my Divine Guides and Angels. I have been working with kinesiology, with crystals within Earth and on my self. This journey has been absolutely amazing and at times very challenging as many shadow parts of my self appear through this work. I asked earlier this year for some more confirmation that what I am doing is real. Then, wow, your book appears. So again, I thankyou greatly.
Leigh S.

Hi Patti,
I have finished reading your book 'Human Crystals'! I am writing to tell you how much I have enjoyed it and it has inspired me so much. The book also came at a perfect time in my life. Some of the stories are rather overwhelming, yet it taught me to be open, considerate and listen to my Higher Self. Some stories moved and touched me. I like that it has a lot of humour in it. I have also learnt about myself in this time.
Thank you
From Mim

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