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Touch For Health

What is Touch for Health Kinesiology?

Touch for Health uses the muscles as a biofeedback mechanism and works with the connection between the body, mind and emotions by using the acupuncture meridians or electromagnetic energy system. It helps to enhance people’s own recuperative powers and addresses structural, nutritional and emotional stresses in our everyday life.

Touch for Health utilizes the postural and energetic balancing techniques of Applied Kinesiology in a holistic, non-diagnostic model of wellness and health maintenance.

Who may benefit from Touch for Health?

Everyone from babies to the elderly by:

  • Increasing vitality, mental clarity and focus
  • Improve posture and mobility for frozen shoulders, neck or back strain and old injuries
  • Relieve physical pain and dysfunction
  • Balance and harmonize your vital energy flow of Chi (life force)
  • Regain a more positive outlook on life with more motivation and enthusiasm
  • Food sensitivity testing

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Course Accreditation Outline

TFH SYNTHESIS has 4 stages:

Stage 1: TFH 1 16 hours

This is the introductory training to Kinesiology, providing techniques to balance the 14 muscle/meridian/organ relationship - for improved postural balance, health and performance. This course provides practical everyday applications of Touch For Health Kinesiology for increased wellbeing on all levels.

Stage 2: TFH 2 16 hours

TFH 2 delves more deeply into balancing our systems’ energetic relationships, using the ancient Chinese law of the five elements. Fourteen extra muscle groups are taught to balance.

Stage 3: TFH 3 16 Hours

This stage focuses on how to implement the Touch For Health 42 muscles for complete 5 element integration and reactive muscles for enhanced performance. A colour balance and sound balance are also taught.

Stage 4: TFH 4 16 Hours

TFH 4 completes the Synthesis program with additional postural & energetic balancing techniques, bringing all aspects together as a total holistic health care modality.


Prerequisite: TFH 4

This exciting course deepens your understanding of the metaphors of the 5 elements, muscles and meridians. Learn communication skills to evoke awareness in your client, of how the metaphors relate to their goal focus.


Prerequisite: TFH 4 and completion of the questions for TFH 1 – 4 in your workbooks.

In Proficiency there is a review of the 4 stages of TFH Synthesis to prepare you for Kinesiology Instructor Training. Proficiency Assessment includes an open book theory exam, oral and practical assessment.



This specialized professional training workshop qualifies the TFH graduate to become a registered TFH instructor and teach the TFH Synthesis from stages 1 - 4. To qualify for entry into ITW you will need to complete TFH Proficiency Assessment.

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