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Patti Leahy-Shrewsbury

Soul Braiding

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Patti Leahy-Shrewsbury Soul Braiding

Weaving the Angels into Your Life.

Discover the vibrational quality of your angels and the gifts they offer you to support your life's work.

Soul Braiding weaves the angelic streams of consciousness with your innate gifts and abilities to be even more focused and effective in the world.

Patti facilitates the bringing of your soul to Light through personal sessions and beautifully crafted workshops.

Workshops and Consultations
One day workshops 9am to 5pm
Private Consultations

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Soul Braiding involves:

  1. Learning to work practically with your angels by releasing limitations and making a commitment to your next step.
  2. Soul braiding of your inter-dimensional angelic selves and utilizing the gifts that they offer, in your everyday life.
  3. Soul braiding of your soul purpose and walking that chosen path.

Patti Leahy-Shrewsbury is author of Human Crystals in which, she shares her story of communication with angels, dolphins, aboriginal spirits of the land and ETs.

In the soul Braiding workshop, Patti shares techniques which help you to communicate with your own angels and guides, with profound results.

I already communicate with my angels and guides, so why would I want to attend Soul Braiding?
Soul Braiding is easy to achieve if you already have established contact with your higher vibrational guidance.
Soul Braiding is the conscious anchoring an octahedron field of six Angels which are there to support the full expression of your life’s purpose. They are streams of subtle energy vibrations with a specific combination of qualities, unique to you, that you can draw upon to manifest creatively in the physical world. The angels need you to express these ideas from the etheric template into concrete reality.
You will learn processes where you can remove the limitations to working more fully and freely with your angels in order to have a more productive and happy life.

If you are already doing your life’s work the Soul Braiding will take it to a whole new level with more profound understanding. Group Soul Braiding then occurs where committed people weave together for a common goal for planetary and human evolvement and harmony.

I have never meditated and don’t have any connection to my guides or angels. Will Soul Braiding benefit me?
Many clients have been amazed at how easy it is to obtain divine guidance for themselves and have been moved to tears with the experience. Trusting yourself and having an open mind is helpful; as an overly analytical mind can initially get in the way and cause you to doubt and block the messages you are receiving. Soul Braiding is a simple and honouring process which is easy to learn and apply in your life.

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