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Patti Leahy-Shrewsbury

Patti Leahy-Shrewsbury Metamorphosis


What is it?

Metamorphosis is a simple, non-intrusive means of re-educating the unconscious mind and eliminating deeply seated influences of genetic, karmic and other sources. It is based on the ancient system of reflexes. We use reflexes of the feet, hands and head as well as the more abstract hand symbols to gain access to the patterns formed by the prenatal conditioning.

Our physical, mental and behavioural difficulties stem from fundamental attitudes of mind which come into being at conception, along with genetic material.

“Metamorphosis is open to anyone who wants to make a fundamental change in their way of living. We can be healthy, but to do so we need to change our primary attitude of mind towards life, which was formed at conception.”

Robert St John

Course content:

  • Give a background on Robert St John, the founder of Metamorphosis, and how he came to discover this work out of Reflex Therapy.
  • Development of Prenatal Therapy and the psychology of the Prenatal Pattern.
  • Application of the reflexes to the feet, hands, head and spine.
  • Afferent and Efferent patterns of our personality, their development out of our genetic and karmic inheritance and how this affects every aspect of our life.
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Metamorphosis will benefit:

  • Everyone, from infants to the elderly
  • Downs Syndrome and autism
  • Mental tension and illness
  • Relationship issues
  • Pregnancy.... in fact, it is ideal!
  • Animals

Practitioner benefits:

To practice Metamorphosis means ongoing treatment on oneself, thereby releasing blockages in the unconscious attitudes of mind. We become free and more creative.

About Patti Leahy-Shrewsbury

Patti teaches this class in a relaxed and informal manner so that the information is more easily absorbed. She has been teaching and practicing Metamorphosis for 20 years. Her training was with the originator Robert St John, Gaston St Pierre and Lynn Hatswell. Patti has taught Metamorphosis in England, USA, Asia and around Australia.

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