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Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K)

Kinesiology Sessions

Educational Kinesiology uses movement to draw out our learning potential.

Brain Gym® is simple movements devised to integrate the brain and body for ease of learning, improving social and communication skills.

Brain Gym® grew out of clinical studies started in 1969 by Paul Dennison Ph.D., an educational therapist, who was looking for ways to help children and adults who have been identified as learning disabled. Dr Dennison’s research led him to the study of Kinesiology, the science of body movement and the relationship of muscles and posture to brain function.

At the time, it was already well established that moving in certain ways is necessary for brain development. Babies and young children naturally perform what are known as developmental movements. Dennison discovered how to adapt these movements so we can use them to stimulate our brains, even at age eighty. The result is a simple and highly effective system of targeted activities that prepare your brain and entire nervous system for optimal performance in all areas- intellectual, creative, athletic and interpersonal.

Brain Gym® is based on three simple premises:

  • Learning is a natural and joyous activity that continues throughout life.
  • Learning blocks are the inability to move through the stress and uncertainty of a new task.
  • We are all “learning blocked” to the extent that we have learned not to move.

A healthy child knows when he or she is stuck, and asks for help by means of his or her behaviour. There are no lazy, withdrawn, aggressive, or angry children, only children denied the ability to learn in a way that is natural to them.


Professional Training in Educational Kinesiology

Brain Gym® 101 (32 hours)

Learn whole brain integration through whole body movement. This course demonstrates how you can apply the Brain Gym movement program to benefit yourself and others. Discover a permanent tool for reaching personal goals; with applications for students, teachers, athletes, artists, health care practitioners and business professionals. The simple, flexible and portable techniques that you take away, are yours for life.
Open to all (No prerequisite)


Brain Gym® 101 Case Studies

Four case studies are to be completed prior to the In Depth course. Set guidelines are provided during the Brain Gym® 101 course.


Optimal Brain Organization (24 hours)

Optimal Brain Organization explores the concepts of hemispheric specialization, identification, and balancing to facilitate whole brain learning. An extremely useful course for teachers and anyone associated with learning and training.
Prerequisite: Brain Gym® 101


Touch For Health 1 (16 hours)

Kinesiology based anatomy and physiology course. TFH 1 provides the techniques to balance the 14 muscle/meridian/organ relationship for improved, postural balance, health and performance. This course provides everyday applications for increased well being on all levels.
Open to all (No prerequisite)


Touch For Health 2 (16 hours)

TFH 2 delves more deeply into balancing our system’s energetic relationships using the ancient Chinese Law of Five Elements. For more details see the Touch for Health courses flier.
Prerequisite: TFH 1


In Depth - The Seven Dimensions of Intelligence (40 hours)

In Depth is a hands on experience with seven dimensions of body movement, focusing on how each can support - or block - the learning process.
Prerequisite: Brain Gym 101, Case Studies, Touch for Health 1 & 2


Visioncircles™ OR other accredited Edu-K course
(see (24 hours)

Visioncircles is an opportunity to explore your sensory, auditory and visual awareness through movement, play, art and the Edu-K balance process. Visioncircles introduces you to 32 Vision Gym™ movements for integrating sensory awareness, memory and information processing.
Prerequisite: Brain Gym® 101


Review Brain Gym® 101 (32 hours)

Repeat Brain Gym® 101 as a review (preferably with a different facilitator). This can be done anytime during your training prior to the Brain Gym Teacher Practicum.


Edu-K In Depth Case Studies and Questions completed

Three case studies and a written assessment are required to be completed prior to proceeding to Brain Gym Teacher Practicum. Set guidelines are provided during the In Depth course.


Brain Gym Teacher Practicum (40 hours)

The Teacher Practicum is the final step in becoming a qualified Brain Gym Instructor / Consultant. This course is designed for those who wish to teach Brain Gym® 101 in a class or private format. The brain Gym Teacher Practicum provides instruction in theory, teaching methods and procedures. It provides opportunities to explore your presentation skills.

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