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Cellular Memory Integration

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Patti Leahy-Shrewsbury Cellular Memory Integration

What is Cellular Memory Integration?

Cellular Memory Integration was developed by Patti Leahy-Shrewsbury. Patti has been doing Regression Therapy since 1978, which evolved into the Kinesiology technique called Cellular Memory Integration.

The focus of this work is to facilitate healing, integration and fuller expression of our potential in the present by accessing cellular memories and clearing unconscious faulty beliefs, patterns and trauma. Trauma in childhood can lock in dysfunctional survival and belief systems which distort our perception of the world and our place in it. This is also true of unresolved, unconscious memories and resonances of trauma from previous lives and/or our genetic inheritance.

You do not need to have any spiritual or religious beliefs to benefit from the CMI process. Many atheists have experienced CMI regressions with wonderful results.

Whatever we receive potentially has important healing and information for us. Even if you experience the regression as only your imagination or like a dream, the messages obtained are a powerful metaphor for things going on in your life now. It is important to heal the story or metaphor and unresolved issues then bring the gifts and lessons learnt into the present.

Who may benefit from Cellular Memory Integration?

Adults with:

  • Persistent physical problems which are not alleviated by modern or alternative medicine.
  • Phobias, prejudices and irrational reactivity to certain people, groups or institutions.
  • We are able to remember times when we had positive personality traits and abilities which are then integrated and reactivated in the present. Sometimes certain knowledge or abilities are closed off from us for a number of lifetimes in order for us to develop other skills and understanding. Once the understanding has been gained it is possible for the soul to reactivate these abilities from the past. We may be able to access lifetimes where we had artistic, psychic and/or healing abilities - when we used power wisely and with integrity - when we were self confident, loving and joyful etc.
  • A desire to be less judgemental or reactive to situations and people while being more complete within themselves.
  • A desire to expand their perception of reality and their place in it.
  • A need to understand their immediate and intense attraction to or dislike of specific people.


Certificated CMI participants are accredited with 24 Kinesiology hours;
Category A with the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA).

Participants will be instructed in Regression Therapy:

  • Assimilation Process to integrate the past, be present in the now and able to move forward positively into the future.
  • Accessing and integrating phobias, trauma and attitudinal blocks.
  • Accessing dormant skills and abilities and reactivating them in the present.
  • Muscle Monitoring and obtaining an Accurate Indicator Muscle.
  • Switching On techniques to integrate and hydrate the brain and body.
  • How to make up flower essences to assist the CMI process.
  • Techniques to access the relevant memories, resolve trauma or faulty beliefs associated with the memory and bring the learning, abilities and changes into the present.
  • This course is focused on facilitating as well as receiving cellular memory integration.

Patti has been doing past life regression / Cellular Memory Integration work since 1978 and has taught CMI around Australia, and internationally.

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